Design Morphosis

Adaptability is a New Way of Transformation

Design Morphosis is a series of activities carried out in commemoration of the 26th Anniversary of Faculty of Visual Arts and Design. Design Morphosis itself has meaning as developments or changes that occur in design. The pandemic phenomenon that occurred in early 2020 until now where people have been "forced" to change their daily way of life to enter a new era, namely "New Normal" or in other words, people inevitably need to adapt with all the means to prepare themselves to enter the era of "New Normal", therefore it becomes the background of this activity, where the changes that occur can not be avoided and almost all levels of society affected by this New Normal including artists and design. The big theme taken is "Adaptability is a New Way of Transformation" which, in our opinion, is suitable as one of our efforts to highlight how an artist or designer makes changes or adapts to work in this new era.

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Adaptation is a New Way of Transformation



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